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Taking place on November 29 (14:00-15:30 CET), this online workshop will be an opportunity to reflect together on the role of litigations in holding States accountable for not following international obligations under the Paris Agreement and in pushing them to step up their climate ambition.

You can already add this event to your calendar, while the link to connect will be available here. We will take care of sending you a final agenda in the upcoming days!

Voor deze online workshop van het Climate Action Network is de voertaal het Engels.

❄ After a few minutes to break the ice and introduce the topic, here are the great speakers we will hear from:

  1. Rebecca Thissen (CNCD): Is climate litigation the solution?
  2. Louise Fournier (Greenpeace International): The role of human rights in climate litigation, and how to use these arguments.
  3. Filippo Fantozzi (Climate Litigation Network): Climate litigation, in practice


🚪 We will then split into breakout groups (led by the speakers) to discuss further and ask all the questions we need! We will then report our discussions back to the plenary.

Do not hesitate to reach out in case you have any questions!

We hope to see many of you there!

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